Update Series INTEY A4 Laminator

This Intey laminator is a close sibling to the Intey A3/A4 model we reviewed above. It’s compact, lightweight and very economical product that will allow you to get the benefits of both hot and cold lamination.

The first feature that will grab your attention is the speed. In 3 minutes, it is able to warm up and reach the perfect temperature. Thanks to the double hot and cold system, it allows you to obtain a perfect lamination in a quick and practical way. In fact, it reaches an impressive speed of 250mm/min.
The compact size and lightweight structure makes it perfect for use in the office and also at home. You definitely wouldn’t break a sweat carrying it around. However, having one at home and another in the office can be beneficial

Given its size, price, and the fact that we tested one of it at home, there’s no doubt it’s one of the best laminators for home use and for small businesses.
It’s really easy to use! The buttons, located on the upper side of the structure, are intuitive and allow you to select cold or hot lamination.
Thanks to the ABS button and its practical LED indicators, you can easily cancel operations in progress, and act in case of jams or other problems. In this way, it will always be easy to intervene promptly, not just preventing the ruin of the machine but also your documents.

In the box, you will find several accessories, which will make your laminating experience much. You will find 10 envelopes for a start. Lastly, the machine is covered by an 18-month warranty in line with Intey’s policies.


  • It only takes 5 minutes to warm up
  • LED indicators
  • Comes with a few accessories to help you kick start your laminating activities.
  • Dual roller system makes your final product smooth and devoid of air bubbles.
  • It can be used for both hot and cold laminating


  • Just a few pouches supplied.

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