Olympia A 230 Plus DIN A4 Laminiergera Review

First of all, we want to emphasize that the Olympia A230 laminator is compact sized, which makes it one of the best compact-sized office laminators on the market.t is a perfect accessory even for the smallest office. Generally, laminating devices can occupy a lot of space and be unnecessarily bulky. However, Olympia has managed to concentrate all the essentials in a small space.

Olympia A 230 Plus DIN A4 Laminiergera

It is a little over 8 centimeters tall and less than a meter and a half long. These dimensions are perfect because they will allow you to laminate any type of format, from small passports to much larger papers.

Its multi-functionality means it can effectively be used as a card lamination machine. This implies that it can be used for a variety of lamination tasks including laminating documents less than A4 in size.

In the package, you will find 40 pockets for lamination – otherwise known as pouches – available in the most common formats (A3, A4, A, and photo ID). The machine proves to have excellent features. It, however, has nothing to envy to any professional laminator.


We like the fact that in few minutes, the unit delivers a precise and well-done laminated piece free from air bubbles. It is a hot and cold lamination machine and takes no more than 6 minutes to reach the operating temperature.
Finally, here’s a fairly-priced laminator which is convenient to use and allows you to perform different operations, while occupying a very small space. It will prove to be the perfect ally in your office or on your desk.


  • Versatile
  • Accessorized (forty envelopes supplied)
  • It can work both hot and cold lamination tasks


  • It is not equipped with a tray to place the sheets during the laminating operation

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