Netflix 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2022

There’s no other feeling than finishing your favorite Netflix show and just wanting more! If you’re like me, after you finish binge watching your favorite show, you ask yourself, what is the meaning of life! Well this list will satisfy your urges, as these are Netflix’s Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2022.

10. The Sandman (TBA)

Starting our list at number 10, “The Sandman”, a dark and brooding fantasy horror with splashes of drama, mystery, and even sci-fi. Based on the comic book, “The Sandman”, written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC Comics, was actually a revival of a 1970s DC series, “The Sandman”. Netflix picked up this series after 30 years of attempts to bring this beauty on screen. This could be because of the complexities within the story since it follows a non-linear episodic path through multiple universes and dimensions. It all starts off with Morpheus better known as the entity Dream who escapes the clutches of an occultist who had imprisoned him for decades. Surprises, showstoppers, and 10 episodes containing 16 of the comics will be, “The Sandman” with a released date yet to be announced..

9. Inventing Anna (Coming Feb 11) 

Number 9 on our list is, “Inventing Anna”, is a drama show on Netflix premiering on February 11th. This investigative drama was inspired by the New York magazine article, “ How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”, by Jessical Pressler who served as a producer for the tv-series. The show starts off with an instagram famous German heiress, named Anna Delvey, New York’s biggest heartthrob in the social scene. But is there more to Anna than what is shown on social media and that’s what the journalist is trying to figure out. Who is Anna Delvey? In this series, we see our curious journalist  (played by Anna Chlumsky) and Anna (played by “Ozark”  star Julia Garner) form one of the strongest bonds, a love-hate cat and mouse relationship that is! Will the journalist be able to crack the investigative case of Instagram star Anna Delveuy?

8. The Witcher: Blood Origin (TBA)

A highly anticipated show for those who have been watching since day 1, seated at 8th on our list is, “The Witcher: Blood Origin”. A fantasy miniseries adapted from, “The Witcher”, written by Andrzej Sapkowski and will be a prequel to the ongoing tv series. This show is set 1200 years before and will introduce the first Witcher and events that led to the ongoing series. The show will also integrate history and culture of the ancient Elven civilization before it’s destruction. The prequel stars ​​Sophia Brown as Ellie and Laurence O’Fuarain as Fjall. The exact release date is unknown, but it’s scheduled to be streamed on Netflix sometime in 2022. So for all the Witcher fans out there, watch out on Netflix for this prequel release to find out more lore about your favorite monster hunter series. 

7. Pieces Of Her (Coming March 4)

Another series based on a popular thriller paperback coming to Netflix is “ Pieces of Her”. A thrilling mystery crime drama about a daughter named Andrea Cooper finding out more about her mother’s past. Andrea thought she knew her mother who wanted nothing more than a quiet normal boring life in a small town on Beach Isle. But when a Saturday trip to the mall with her mother goes horribly wrong, we join Andrea on the run uncovering her mother’s past and bringing light to deadly secrets. Known for her role in 50 Shades of Grey, actress Bella Heathcote stars as ‘Andy Oliver’ and Toni Collette as ‘Laura Oliver.’ Based on the author, Karin Slaughter’s bestselling novel and produced by the same producers of “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing,”  “Pieces of Her” will premiere on March 4 on Netflix.

6. Top Boy (Coming March 18)

Taking our 6th spot on our list is, “Top Boy”, coming out on March 18th. Originally shown on UK’s Channel 4 in 2013, the show got canceled, but Netflix picked it up for the 3rd season and has been a hit since. Now scheduled for a 4th season, the series begins in the housing estates in East London where there is tension between those who are struggling to break the cycle of crime within their neighborhood and the blatant drug gangs in the area. We see both sides of the housing estates through Ra’Nell, a quiet and closed off teenager, whose mother ends up in a mental hospital. A young 13-year-old boy progresses through life as a young drug dealer and gets lured further into the gangs in his neighborhood. “Top Boy ” is truly a gripping and rough gem, as it depicts realistic crimes in poor areas of Britain. 

5. Bridgerton (Coming March 25)

Now for our top 5 most Anticipated TV shows of 2022, is “Bridgerton”. A high-society time period piece about London’s most powerful families, specifically the Bridgertons. Daphne Bridgerton, the family’s eldest daughter, makes her debut in the competitive marriage market looking for true love. She wants to follow her parents’ footsteps but is at an impasse when suitors dwindle because of her older brother and by the anonymous Lady Whistledown. But Daphne finds herself arguing with the Duke of Hastings, the top of the bachelors. It seems that both want nothing to do with each other, but their attraction is magnetic. “Bridgerton” is a hate to love sort of series where we see love blossom even with the inner struggle that we can even feel in our own lives. Bridgerton season 2 can be streamed only on Netflix on March 25.

4. Locke & Key (TBA)

Number 4 on our list is a sci-fi fantasy series scheduled to be released sometime this year is “Locke & Key”.  Based on comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, where 3 siblings and their mother move into their ancestral home called the Keyhouse after their father’s mysterious death. They discover keys that could have some sort of connection to their father’s death. A fantastical mystery horror that can make your skin crawl, but keep you at your seat with the mystery around the Locke family’s home. “Locke & Key” will leave you wanting more with this twisted coming-of-age series with themes of love and family bonds. Season 3 has yet to be announced, but is scheduled to be streamed sometime in 2022.  

3. Vikings: Valhalla (Coming February 25)

The thrill of the hunt through the most vicious warriors of time is the show, “Vikings: Valhalla”, which takes our 3rd spot on the list. “Vikings: Valhalla”, is a sequel of the show, “Viking”, and takes place a hundred years after the last events. Lief Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter, Harald Hardrada and the Norman King William the Conqueror are the most legendary and well-known Vikings who have ever lived. This historical drama will depict the tales of these legendary Vikings between them and the English royals. The cinematography  and battlefields will fill you with excitement just as the Vikings carve out life with their hands and live to the fullest through their journeys. “Vikings: Valhalla” will just feel as if you are experiencing the past of the Vikings’ glory days coming to you on February 25th.  

2. The Umbrella Academy (TBA)

Taking our 2nd spot is, “Umbrella Academy” created by Gerard Way who is known for being the lead singer/co-founder of My Chemical Romance and as a comic book writer/director that has had a hand in a plethora of shows like “Lucifer” and “Premium Rush.” “The Umbrella Academy” is a well fleshed out story about super children who got adopted to prepare to save the world. But things don’t always go as planned, when the academy disbands. Years later, almost in their 30s, they reunite to figure out their father’s death and to possibly save the world. “The Umbrella Academy” shows an estranged family with all their quirks coming together and apart once again as the story unfolds further. A refreshing take on a dysfunctional family of superheroes showing their very real human flaws. The release date of this action pack thriller is scheduled for 2022, but no date has been released.

1. Stranger Things (TBA)

Atop the Netflix hall of fame and sitting in our number 1 spot is  one of the most talked about series starting in 2016  is “Stranger Things”. An American science fiction horror series set in 1983 where things go horribly wrong when a laboratory goes too deep and discovers an open rift to “The Upside Down” or alternate universe, and it’s up to our group of friends to battle the evil demons and monsters trying to destroy our worlds to become theirs. “Stranger Things”  begins when a kid from the group gets kidnapped to the alternate dimension and a young girl, named Eleven, comes into the picture with odd powers. The new season will continue this thrilling story as we see the young group of now teenagers and try to grapple with the knowledge of the “Upside Down”. 

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