Top 15 Most Watched TV Shows in 2021

What are the top 15 most watched tv shows you ask? Well we compiled a list of just the most gripping and awe inspiring diverse tv shows from 2021 that got so many minutes enjoyed by viewers. There’s a show for everyone as we explore well established shows to rising independent stories. So get comfy in your chair, bed, or floor, maybe grab a drink, and we’ll get right into our list!

15. The Witcher

Kicking off our Top 15 Most Watched TV show list of 2021, we welcome “The Witcher” with 7,067 billions of minutes watched by viewers today. An ongoing action-packed fantasy drama that can be watched on Netflix is filled with the adventures of Geralt of Rivia. A lone monster hunter who struggles to keep his humanity in the dark medieval world he’s living in. He finds himself accompanied by unexpected guests through his travels. It may seem random to find company with a bard, a princess, a sorcerer, and more just to name a few, but there is destiny in their meetings. So if you’re looking for the long haul and craving for sci-fi to binge watch, this show has a whopping 16 episodes with no signs of stopping.

14. WandaVision

Where’s our Marvel fans? Because sitting comfortably at our number 14th spot in our list is “WandaVision” with 7,284 billion minutes watched. A TV sitcom-blended mini series starring Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision continuing their lives after the impactful Avengers: Endgame movie. Two powerful beings in the MCU universe presented to you living the most picture perfect American dream that is set eerily reminiscent of an American sitcom of the past. But the perfect lives for Wanda and Vision are not what it seems. A great show that is easily consumable with only 9 episodes on Disney+. If you want something with underlying tones of something much bigger happening, this show is for you!

13. Maid

Another bit-sized mini series at our midst as number 13 on our list with 10 episodes under its belt is “Maid” with 8,103 billion minutes watched. This show is not for the faint of heart or for those wanting to escape their daily lives, it is a snap back into reality showing a struggling single mother trying to survive poverty in America as a maid. She wants a better future for her and her child, not letting her past abuse eat her alive. This series is heavily inspired by Stephanie land’s memoir “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive” and can be viewed on Netflix. “Maid” will leave you thinking about poverty in the past and present, as you view the melancholic truth of what is fair and righteous today.

12. Ted Lasso

A sports comedy-drama takes the place of number 12 on our list with 8, 161 billion minutes is “Ted Lasso.” Two worlds collide as an American football coach, Ted Lasso, decides to go to London to help their struggling soccer team called AFC Richmond. Though Ted has no experience coaching for soccer, it was a surprise that he had the charm and tenacity to do his job right. A charming show that can be viewed on Apple TV+ with 22 episodes. Ted Lasso will hook any unsuspecting viewers with his unbelievable tact and guiding demeanor.

11. Outer Banks

For our 11th spot is “Outer Banks”, streaming on Netflix, filled with the plucky adventures of 4 teenagers who stumble upon a treasure map that could change it all in the outer banks of North Carolina. 8,301 billion minutes have been watched by viewers hoping to find out what happened to the ringleader’s father, as the group navigates their way with the map connected to him. But it’s not a walk in the park for the group, as perilous obstacles stand in their way. It’s also an interesting take on the rich vs. the poor as the outer banks have separated the social classes that the teenagers must navigate through. Outer Banks gives off the vibes of teenagers overcoming adversities with sprinkles of romance, comedy, action, and thriller throughout. 

10. The Handmaid’s Tale

Taking the 10th spot by the throat is “The Handmaid’s Tale” with over 8,564 billion minutes watched and 46 episodes streaming on Hulu with more to come. It is set in a dystopian future where fertile women are forced to be baby-making factories called Handmaids for the sexist totalitarian society after the Second American Civil War finished. Elisabeth Moss plays a character named June Osborne who faces society as a Handmaid whose life was turned upside down when she tried to flee but failed. Renamed Offred, she serves under a family but with a dream to once again be reunited with her husband and daughter. A gut wrenching dark series that explores the unspeakably troubling topics that no woman wishes to ever experience. But the Handmaid’s Tale will have you in a chokehold as we see June Osborne persevere through her treacherous experience in dystopian America.

9. Longmire

Number 9 is “Longmire” streaming on Netflix with 63 episodes and 8,892 billion minutes watched. A modern American western action drama featuring Robert Taylor playing the dedicated sheriff Walt Longmire of Absaroka county. Forlorn and widowed, he hides his pain from his daughter while looking for the man who took his wife from him. He will stop at nothing with grit in his stance and revenge on his mind. A gripping take on a modern western setting and a wonder if Longmire will succeed in his goal or will he break under the sadness he holds. 

8. The Crown

The royal family series, “The Crown”, takes its spot at number 8. Streaming on Netflix with 40 episodes with 9,651 billion minutes, this historical drama takes place during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the second beginning from her marriage to Philip Duke of Edinburgh in 1947. The depiction of British power declining and the disarray of politics from the time is how Queen Elizabeth began a new era. Peter Morgan, the creator, meticulously researched the Queen’s real-life journey to keep “The Crown” as close as possible to history through her perspective. 

7. Cobra Kai

Growing up with a fascination with martial arts from the days of Karate Kid is “Cobra Kai” at number 7. A continuation of Karate Kid decades later, the All Valley Karate Tournament, we find Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawerence as rivals once again. With Johnny trying to find meaning in his life not as some washed up handyman and Daniel, successful but unsatisfied, are filled with the abandoned Cobra Kai dojo’s intoxicating philosophy. Almost like a love letter to Mr. Miyagi’s teachings, Cobra Kai once again fills the older generation who grew up on Karate Kid with a new perspective on life. You can stream this on Netflix with 30 minutes behind the series and hitting 10, 915  billion minutes of nostalgia.

6. You

Number 6 spot is occupied by “You” streaming on Netflix with 30 episodes and 10,915 billion minutes watched. Based on the best selling novel by Caroline Kepnes also named “You” is a love story about an overly obsessive bookstore manager transfixing his gaze on an aspiring writer. He uses any means to find all the intimate details about her and to remove all obstacles in front of him to get to her romantically. A thrilling romantic crime drama, “You”, takes its place on viewers watch list as we get entranced by the bookstore manager’s obsession as if “you” are living with this thriller or nightmare too.

5. Bridgerton

Now for our top 5 TV shows of 2021. “Bridgerton” is a drama romance set in the regency era of England where powerful noble families are looking to match make their children stay powerful. Daphne Bridgerton, daughter of one of the most powerful families in London, wants love in her matches just like her parents. She crosses paths with the Duke of Hastings, an absolute catch in high society but they butt heads. It’s undeniable that their attraction shows and sparks fly. Very similar to a love like in Pride and Prejudice. A popular binge-worthy show that you can stream on Netflix with only 8 episodes and 12,356 billion minutes watched by viewers who either adored historical dramas or got caught by the sticky romance between Daphne and the Duke.

4. Virgin River

Taking our 4th spot with 12,908 billion minutes, 30 episodes in, and streaming on Netflix is “Virgin River.” Enters Melinda Monroe accepting an ad to be a midwife and nurse practitioner in the small town named Virgin River up in northern California. A romantic drama series based on the book by Robb Carr called “Virgin River” is about a woman trying to make this small town her home, but small town living is not what it seems for someone originally based in LA. She learns she needs to heal herself before living to the fullest. A tantalizing romantic drama is where we can see Melinda and viewers grow to love the Virgin River with its dry humor and relatable characters.

3. Great British Baking Show

Coming in fresh and hot like a delectable pastry is the “Great British Baking Show”, streaming on Netflix with a hefty amount of content with 75 episodes and 13,636 billion of minutes watched. The show sits at number 3 on our list. For all those who love watching people make food and think they can do so much better, this ameteur British baking show where amateurs come and see if they can be crowned the best amateur baker in all of Britain. Three challenges are set for a limited amount of time in the week for bakers to show off their stuff. The Great British Baking Show just makes you want to sink your teeth in some sweets.

2. Squid Game

A show that took the world by storm is “Squid Game” at number 2. It made history by being the first non-English TV show receiving a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award. This show took hold of viewers with 16,432 billion minutes enjoyed by viewers and only 9 episodes out. A dystopian society that focuses on the rich pitting the poor against each other for entertainment through gruesome murderous games. Similar to Hunger games and the Purge, Squid game was artistically created with cultural signifiers of Korea’s culture and history to bring the series alive. The game itself used the basis of Korea’s Three Kingdoms period of the kingdom’s fighting each other for land. A thrilling interpretation of the rich and poor gives viewers a sense of more unpleasant tactics in society today as Squid Game personifies it for viewers to think.

1. Lucifer

Now our number 1 with 93 episodes and 18,342 billion minutes watched by viewers is Lucifer. Streaming on Netflix is the show’s hypnotizing heartthrob Lucifer Morningstar aka the devil himself and inquisitive detective Chloe Decker who go about the show solving crimes together using the unnatural ways of the Devil. The show mixes the story of biblical beings such as angels, devils, and god himself. An ingenious story that includes a dysfunctional family and their black sheep of a son who just wants a different life for himself and a detective trying to cope with her failing relationship and family matters herself. Lucifer just leaves you wanting more as they excellently mix the nightlife with detective work and the unnatural. 

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