INTEY A3 A4 Laminator Thermal Laminator Machine

It is no coincidence that one of the most affordable laminators for this year belong to Intey. Let’s take a look at this A3/A4 Laminator.

The NY-BG02 is arguably the best thermal laminator around. It is the perfect product for newbies in the lamination field, and for anyone looking for an economical, practical, versatile and easy-to-use solution. It can be deployed as a home laminator as well as an office laminator.

This machine is, in fact, able to work as a cold but also hot laminator, thanks to the innovative hot and cold laminating system developed by Intey. In no more than five minutes, the machine will reach the perfect temperature for hot operations.

Meanwhile, for cold operation, the pressure exerted by the rollers will always guarantee you a perfect result.

The rollers are in fact two and are made of silicone. They, along with the powerful motor, offer you a machine that will last a long time and will never overheat. It is in fact equipped with a thermal conductivity tube, made of pure aluminum.

They will also come into operation during hot plastification to avoid ripples or air bubbles, which would inevitably ruin the final result.

Overall, the product is compact and light. The external structure is black, with a lighter band covering the upper side and giving it a contemporary and design look. Surely, with this, you will make a big impression in your office or in your home, as it will immediately give you an air of professionalism!

In the package, you will also find 10 pouches to immediately venture into the world of lamination! If you are not an expert, LED indicators will guide you through use, alerting you immediately in case of incorrect positioning of your document or plastic bags.

Serving as an icing on the cake, the warranty will cover 18 months of use. And lastly, Intey also added an ABS jam release button to help release your paper without damage when the paper gets stuck.


  • Easy to use
  • LED indicators
  • Not cumbersome
  • Great for newbies and professionals
  • Dual roller system


  • It can only laminate cards less than 0.5mm thick.

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