Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i

The Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i laminator from Fellowes is a high end laminator for people who are time conscious. All of the laminators we’ve reviewed have something in common – time to heat up.

However, all of them fall within the 3 to 5 minute range. In terms of time to heat, they can’t brag in the presence of the F which heats up in just 60 seconds.

We tested one of this units and their claim was true; please give Fellowes a round of applause.

In addition to the time to heat, there are other things worth noting on the Fellowes laminator. It is available in two different variants; the 9.5 inch model and the 12.5 inch model.

Both can accommodate various sizes but are specifically tailored to laminate A4 sizes. For lamination, the unit offers two options. It can be used for doing both hot and cold lamination jobs. Both come out looking resplendent and professionally done.

Fellowes included a jam release lever to help reduce the risk of damaging your documents in the event of a jam.

We didn’t like the fact that the unit isn’t all that energy efficient. However, it makes up for that via the time to heat. In addition to that, it comes with an auto shut off feature. As the name implies, the auto shut off feature turns off the laminator when it’s not in use, thus helping you save on energy.


  • It has a jam release lever which helps reduce the risks of paper damage when it jams in the machine.
  • The unit takes just 1 minute for the unit to heat up and be ready for use. This is a great time saver especially for those of us who like to get things done in a jiffy.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Auto shut off feature helps in reducing energy costs.


  • Not fully energy efficient.sues with the roller.

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