Most frequent questions and answers

What is pickbe.net?

Pickbe.net is a review website dedicated to reviewing new and old products while trying to give as much information about the product as possible. Pickbe.net aims to help you make a smart purchase.

Why should I use Pickbe.net?

Pickbe.net is a website that prides itself on being free from any affiliation to any company, this means it’s reviews are honest and accurate. Pickbe.net also offers a beautiful uncluttered view to help give you the information you really need. Finally, Pickbe.net spends hours crafting the perfect review from making sure photos are abundant to putting products to the test, Pickbe.net only publishes quality reviews.

I disagree with your review

Reviews are always subjective however pickbe.net does its best to consider a product from many points of view and fact check every statement we make. Should you seriously disagree with our review don’t hesitate to contact us at our “Contact Us” page.

Can I join pickbe.net?

Of course! pickbe.net is always on the lookout for new talent whether its writers or people knowledgeable on a subject. Don’t hesitate to contact us at our “Contact Us” page.

Where do you get your products?

All our products are bought with our own money, this is to ensure little to no bias when reviewing a product. If we ever do receive a product for free we will explicitly state so.

What products do you review?

We review all sorts of products, from appliances to new technology such as phones – we don’t focus on only one range of products. That is why Website.com is special, you can always come here to see reviews on virtually any product

Where do you get your photos?

Some of our photos are taken by us however some are taken by people not related to pickbe.net and we will state that if that is the case. Website.com will try to use as many of our own photos as possible unless referencing another product or showing information.

Where can I see your Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy is easily accessible from the “Privacy Policy” link at the bottom.

How do you choose what you review?

Pickbe.net follows media trends closely and is quick to jump on an upcoming hot product so that we can get a review to you as fast as possible. Other than that, pickbe.net will normally focus on a topic and look for the products that fulfill that need and then rank them. We also do individual product reviews.

Where can I see your Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions are easily accessible from the “Terms and Conditions” link at the bottom.

Can I use Pickbe.net reviews?

Use’ is a very vague term, if you mean link our website then absolutely, we love having new visitors. However using photos by Website.com without giving proper credit or blatantly copy and pasting our reviews are not allowed.

Where is Pickbe.net located?

Pickbe.net does not own any offices as of yet and all members communicate through the internet.