Best Original Movies in Netflix of 2021

In 2020, Netflix has released plenty of original movies ranging from mystery to thriller, comedy, and many more! While many of them were a miss, some movies managed to hit right at the bull’s eye! If you have been searching for a good movie but couldn’t decide on any, you are right where you should be! In today’s video, we are going to tell you about 9 best Netflix original movies you can stream

9. I Think of Ending Things

Imagine you are going to meet your partner’s parents, what could go wrong, right? But what if the things you are seeing are just part of your imagination? Or something more sinister that no normal person can handle? The ‘I think of ending things’ is that spooky twisted tale of a couple that is going to shake you to the core. All the actors portrayed their character perfectly. Brie Larson was the original choice for the female lead, later she got replaced by Jessie Buckley.  If you are up for psychological thriller movies, this movie adaptation is the one to watch out for.

8. Uncorked

Growing up, we all have had to go through an identity crisis. Follow your passion or fulfill your family’s dream? ‘Uncorked’ is the beautiful storytelling of this exact situation most of us can relate to. When Elijah wants to pursue his dream of becoming a master sommelier, his father wants him to take over the family business instead. Sounds like your story, right?
Well, this all so familiar storyline is surprisingly well made and makes you realize how the balance is important. To make it more realistic, the cast had to go under hard training to learn about wine culture! Mahmoudou Athie acted really good as the lead. But the highlight was Elijah’s parents, they are absolutely delightful to watch on screen!

7. Lost Girls

The first entry on this list is the ‘lost girl’ movie starring Amy Ryan as the real-life activist Mari Gilbert. When a mother starts investigating to find her missing daughter, disturbing facts related to long island’s unsolved murder cases start to take the spotlight. The more the truth unfolds, the more you will find how ridiculously our society treats victims based on their societal status.
This true-crime drama is definitely going to strike a chord. Sarah Paulson was originally cast as the lead, but later it went to Amy Ryan. Amy Ryan delivers a solid performance as the victim’s mother, at times you can feel her sadness, rage, throughout the whole movie.  A good watch for sure.

6. The Devil All The Time

Well, well, well, a dark-themed movie showing how the vicious circle of violence gets all of us. This movie tells the story of a young boy Eugene Russell, played by Tom Holland, and how his life is affected by the people’s evil deeds around him. And the length he could go to protect his loved ones. If you have been watching Tom Holland, you can see how his acting is maturing with time. With this movie, he has proven that he can act.
But the real surprise element of this movie is Robert Pattinson. In addition to his menacing portrayal of the Reverend Preston, how he disguised his British accent under that authentic southern accent is still a shock to us! Overall, this movie will surprise you for sure!

5. Da 5 Bloods

One bitter truth about war is, not all war heroes get the acknowledgment they deserve. ‘Da 5 blood’ is the fictional war tale of 4 black soldiers during the Vietnam war. The story is based on some Vietnamese black soldiers and their post-war encounters. Like his other movies, Spike Lee has again managed to incorporate an emotional battleground that goes beyond the violence and gives you a glimpse of how racism exists everywhere.
You might think of it as a comedy movie at first, but it gets serious with every minute. This movie is also the last one to be released before Chadwick Boseman’s unfortunate demise.

4. The Half Of It

When a teenage girl agrees upon writing love letters on behalf of a friend, things turn bizarre because she likes the girl too! At first, the trailer might seem like this is just another teen love story with a twist, which is true to a point, only it is much more. While the same-sex attraction in movies is gradually becoming a normal thing to show, ‘the half of it’ has taken this plot and turned it into something raw and refreshing. From the storytelling to the execution, this movie is a pure work of art. The casting did a great job. A feel-good teen movie that you can watch at any age.

3. Enola Homes

If you are into detective stories, or more specifically into Sherlock Holmes, this one is a treat for you guys! The movie follows the story of Enola Holmes, the little sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes. Who starts her own search party when her mother goes MIA. ‘The Stranger things’ star Millie Bobby Brown did a good job playing Enola, besides, she is also a producer of the movie! The youngest one at that!
As usual, Helena Bonham Carter never fails to amaze. Henry Cavil is more like the big brother rather than The Shelock Homes, which is not bad actually. If you want a fun movie with the Holmes siblings, this one is definitely going to make you happy.

2. The Old Guard

Take an action-based superhero movie with an interesting storyline like immortals fighting the evil to save humanities, add Charlize Theron to it and boom happens! ‘The old guard’ is exactly what the name suggests, a conventional superhero story shown in with a new outlook, and boy it delivers! No wonder this comic book movie adaptation has garnered over 70 million views in the first month, marking it as Netflix’s one of the most successful releases.
Did we mention that the Andy character played by Charlize Theron is more than 6000 years old! There is a reason this movie is called ‘The old guard’!

1. Extraction

Chris Hemsworth in an action-packed movie equals a lethal combination! ‘Extraction’ tells us about a black-op mercenary who is given the task to rescue an Indian crime lord’s son in Bangladesh. The shooting was done mostly in Ahmedabad, India. Produced by the Russo brothers, this movie is one of the most-watched movies on Netflix of all time.

So, why this movie one of the best action movies in 2020? Well because, with all that unique way to film those action scenes, it is literally a visual treat for action movie lovers. Especially, that 12 minute long and supposedly one-take action sequence wasn’t taken in one shot. Apparently, it took 36 different scenes to be stitched together to make the final cut! Talk about detail works! Plot-wise it sure could have been better, but action-wise it can’t get any better!

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