Best Laminators review

Super-fast 1 minute heat up time. Available in 2 models. Auto shut off feature. Easy to use.

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5 in 1 functions. Hot and cold laminating function. Jam release lever. LED indicators present. Dual rollers.

It is the smallest and most portable laminator. Heats up in just 4 minutes. It is easy to use. Budget friendly laminator.

You’re probably reading this article for two reasons; you’re interested in buying a new laminating machine or you know someone who is. Whatever the reason may be, we’ve put together a review of the best laminators on the market.

We scrutinized 17 laminators for about three days – give or take – and ended up with 9 finalists. Those finalists are reviewed in this article.

Let’s begin.

Laminating machines have always been used in offices, but lately, they are now being deployed for domestic use. You don’t have to go to the office with all your personal documents simply because you want to laminate them. With a laminating machines, you can protect important documents from wear, tear and counterfeiting in a matter of minutes.


About Lamination

Lamination is the process involved when paper sheets are fused in between two plastic sheets or cellulose acetate, using the laminating machine. This process is applicable to sheets of paper of all sizes and weights. You’ll get waterproof, shiny documents that look immediately more professional.

If you want to purchase one of the best laminators that are suitable for your purpose, but you are still undecided, do not worry: we will give you a comprehensive background, recommend to you some popular products, give you several useful tips, and guide you step by step in the purchase!

The 10 best laminators of 2019

01. 5 in 1 Blusmart Laminator

5 in 1 Blusmart Laminator is the best laminator to fulfill all your home, school and office lamination tasks. The most advantageous feature of this laminator is it comes with 1 full-sized laminator, 1 paper trimmer, 20 laminating pouches (A4, A5, and A6) 1 corner rounder, 10 photo frames and 1 paper trimmer which maximize your convenience.

Above all, it provides a well organized fast and smooth laminating process with a rapid warm-up time of 3- 5 min and a high laminating speed of 250mm/min also integrated with the ABS button to resolve paper jam issues. Furthermore, it comes with a wider inlet of about 230 mm throat entry; it supports the pouches of 160mic to 250mic. Its works great with legal, professional letter, photos/ business cards.

Your child loves to make beautiful DIY projects and crafts with the help of paper trimmer for neat and beautiful cuts. Al last 5 in 1 Blusmart Laminator comes with a 1-year hassle-free warranty and best in class customer service with lifetime hardware support.

02. Fellowes 5736601 Laminator Saturn3i

Fellowes 5736601 Laminator Saturn3i is the fastest laminating machine with ready to laminate in 60 seconds InstaHeat Technology enabled. It laminates a wide variety of documents including school projects, presentations, and office documents quickly and easily. This laminator comes with 12.5-inch wide entry to accommodate various document sizes. Saturn31 operates with 3-mil to 5- mil thermal pouches which add professionally and durability to your documents. It also performs cold setting in case of self-adhesive pouches and as a starter pack, it comes with ten 3-mil pouches. Furthermore, it generates green light and beep sounds to indicate that the machine is ready to perform tasks. It is also integrated with an auto-shutdown feature to save energy and prevent documents to overheat. A Jam release lever is quite helpful in certain conditions when you want to re-enter or remove the pouch.

03. Olympia A 230 Plus DIN A4 Laminiergera50


Olympia A 230 Plus DIN A4 Laminiergera50 is a compact-sized laminator. It is the best laminator for small offices that can perform both hot and cold laminating. It is a multi-functional laminator that comes with 230mm wide opening, so various tasks can be performed like laminating office documents, school projects, crafts, and flashcards, etc.

Likewise, the machine is so precisely designed which helps it to deliver bubble-free lamination. The heating mechanism is a bit different from others as it warms up within a minute or two and immediately powers off when the machine gets overheated. In Addition, it comes with LED indicators for Power and Ready.

At last the starter bundle comes with 2 A4 size laminating pouches. The thickness of the pouches ranges from 80-mic to 125-mic. However, it can laminate up to 5mm of thickness with a laminating speed of 400mm/min and include with jam release functionality

04. Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator Machine


The AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine provides superb quality laminating output; it is so compact which makes it perfect for a small office, classroom or homes. It is equipped with a twin roller feeding system to deliver fast and easy laminating.

In addition, the machine is integrated with ready indicator light; simultaneously it warms up within 4 min with dual heat settings. It can laminate documents and projects with a minimum of 3-mil to 5-mil pouches. Generally, AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator adjusts itself according to the needs; it can take 9 inch wide documents including legal size, photo size, letter, etc.

In conclusion, it is a great office and home tool to perform all necessary tasks like crafts, charts, papers, and photos. An effective jam release lever is included in case of any jam or sudden change in plan.

05. Swingline Laminator, Thermal, Inspire Plus Lamination Machine

Swingline Laminator, Thermal, Inspire Plus Lamination Machine is small and stylish with minimalistic white and gray design best for small offices or homes. It basically fulfills all creative, handmade crafts and photo laminating needs. It warms up very quickly within 4 min for easy and quick output. In Addition, it is equipped with a ready indicator and laminates 9 inches/min. Moreover, it allows documents of about 9-inch width, which add a variety of document types, its smooth rollers generate mind-blowing wrinkle-free laminates. It is compatible with most of the thermal pouches ranging from 3-mil to 5-mil.however it comes with one power setting which allows switching pouches easily. It is integrated with a jam release lever to clear jammed tasks. At last, the Swingline Laminator bundle package includes 90 days warranty and 5 letter-sized clear glossy thermal pouches. It not only performs hot lamination but also pressures cold lamination including GBC self-seal pouches.

06. Scotch Thermal Laminator

Scotch Thermal Laminator is a small laminator which protects documents you handle in your home or office frequently. It is suitable for daily laminating tasks like crafts, flash and business cards, photos and paper lamination, etc. Plus, the thermal laminator is capable to take documents up to 9 inches wide.

Similarly, it is equipped with twin smooth roller technology with two heat settings. It can work on a variety of laminate pouches including 3-mil and 5-mil. It operates only with a 120volt, uses of voltage converters are not recommended.

Finally, the scotch thermal laminator TL901 starter bundle pack comes with 30 days limited warranty and without any jam protection technology.

07. Zoomyo 9" hot & cold laminator


Zoomyo 9″ hot & cold laminator kit Z9-5 specially designed to protect your laminating tasks like menus, photos and ID badges from tears, stains or creases. It is best suited for small offices, home. In addition to its most advanced Eco-PTC-Technology, makes it efficient up to 75% energy saving compared with other thermal laminators.

The best part of this machine is that it is built with prorated silicon rollers for a super smooth, error-free seal for your tasks. In the package it comes with 3-mil hot pouches whereas it supports both 3-mil and 5-mil pouches and capable to perform cold lamination too.

At last no manual heat settings are needed as the laminator auto-adjusts the temperature. Integration of ABS jam release technology for removing stuck tasks with back-loader facility. It is totally eco-friendly with no harmful radiation or flames.



Best Laminators Buying Guide

In what situation is the laminator useful?

It is very likely that at least once in a while, you find yourself wanting to keep a major document or paper. The lamination is precisely that process that allows you to best preserve an important document or sheet, making it impervious to liquids and resistant to wear and accidental falls.

Lamination can be of great use both at home and in the office; the laminators are now quite cheap and having one is within everyone’s reach. Of course, if you use it once a year we suggest you go to the copy shop.

Are you wondering what you can laminate? Nothing could be simpler.

For domestic use, for example, you can use it for documents of any kind or identity cards, photographs or greeting cards etc…

In the office for badges, presentations, catalogs, business cards, leaflets, etc.

In short, as you will have understood any document, sheet etc. to which you care most or to which you want to give a more professional appearance. 


What are the types of laminators :

Pouch laminator:

Pouch laminators are quite economical laminating machines and are perfect for home and office use. They are in fact the most common and most sold. But it is important to understand how they work, to decide the best one to buy according to your needs.
The operation process is very simple. The plastic sheet, called the pouch, which is inserted into the machine, wraps the document we wish to laminate.
It is important to consider the thickness of the plastic pouches which are measured in micron. If you need a laminated catalog, the thickness will normally not be high, but if you need to laminate, for example, an important document, you will need a thicker plastic sheet.
It must be said however that many laminators manage pouches from 75 to 125 microns, a thickness considered sufficient in most cases.

Coil laminators:

You need to know that if you need to laminate very frequently and with very large volumes, you will need a coil laminator. In this case, a roller mechanism which allows for faster lamination.
Coil laminators are obviously much more expensive and to be clear, they are the ones you find in the copy shop. In these cases obviously, a simple pouch machine would not be sufficient to support the rhythm and frequency of lamination.

Hot And Cold Laminator:

The process used to laminate a sheet or a document can be hot or cold. This is certainly one of the main aspects to consider when buying a laminator.

Let's see the plastification procedures in more details.

Hot laminators: 
Definitely, hot laminators are the most common. They use films that are usually sealed on one side. The interior is coated with a thermoactivated film that adheres perfectly to the document that is laminated as it passes through the hot rollers of the machine.
The hot rollers ensure that all the adhesive layers bond with each other, guaranteeing an excellent quality of plasticizing.

Cold laminators: 
The cold laminators, on the other hand, carry out the operation thanks to the pressure of the rollers which is obviously not heated. This procedure is also possible because the film has a sticky side which adheres to the product when it is brought into contact.
We tend to choose cold lamination only when the documents to be laminated can be damaged by heat. An example would be wax-based ink that can be hot-melted or adhesives.

What To Consider When Buying Laminators

Because there are different models and different prices, it is important to take into account the following aspects in mind when buying a laminator.


Where to use :

Before now, the machines of this type were created for office use. But now, you can also find domestic models. For moderate use. In fact, you can opt for a low-cost laminator, while still obtaining excellent results.

It is possible that it is only for occasional or time-to-time use at home or in the office.
However, there are types that can be used in a small company where its use will be intense with better results of plasticizing.
Therefore, it is recommended that a laminator with different functions and better performance suitable both for home and offices be used for a company.
While it is for the home, it will only be a user-friendly laminator regardless of the speed or functions, because it is used from time to time.


What thickness do you prefer?

The finishing of the document is one of the most important aspects of the laminator. For this, it is necessary that it accepts different thicknesses of covers ranging from 80 to 250 microns. Depending on that will give a better versatility of the laminator.

Although, it is also possible to laminate other documents in matt finishes which is ideal for external signs in professional finishes

The thickness of the pouches greatly affects the result. A thicker envelope will offer you more quality and protection. Obviously, not all machines are able to handle thick bags. You will have to evaluate this aspect during the purchase.

The most sophisticated models are able to buffer the problem of using too thick pouches through an anti-jamming system. It prevents the plastic bags from getting stuck or locked inside the appliance, which could otherwise be irreparably damaged. More and more machines now have buttons or levers that will allow you to solve jam problems easily and quickly, without risking to ruin the machine.

When choosing a laminator, you should also know the measurements of the papers you plan to laminate and review among its specifications that the selected device is suitable for this type of measurement. We recommend that you select laminators that will allow you to work with A4, A3 paper formats, legal formats, letter format, and card or business card format.

The size of the laminator:

Another very important factor to consider is the size of the laminator. They will primarily affect the size of your machine on your desk. If you have a small office, buying a model that is too big could be counterproductive.

The most popular sizes are A3 and A4. It will be great if the laminator can accept different sizes. In this way, you will always have the option to laminate documents of different sizes. However, if we need to laminate large documents, we will need our laminator to be A3 in size.

Nevertheless, by opting for an A4 laminator, you will have the certainty of being able to laminate up to the maximum dimensions of a normal sheet of printer paper.

However, you can also operate on smaller formats. Of course, there are also larger machines, which allow you to work even on formats like the A3, but have a higher cost and a larger footprint.

What you absolutely must do before proceeding with the purchase, therefore, is to understand which is easier to work frequently with. A too big or too small laminator will make your work unnecessarily more laborious. Industry experts generally recommend buying a bit bigger machine than your daily needs, so you can enjoy more flexibility.


Hot or cold laminator:

Another aspect, but not the least, concerns the type of plastic processing procedure. As earlier mentioned, a laminator can work cold or hot, but some models can even process both processes! Obviously, in this case, the final price will tend to rise, but it is difficult for one of these products to reach really vertiginous prices.

In the case of hot operations, the transparent films are treated with a particular type of glue that, in contact with the heat emanating from the preheated rollers of the machine, adheres perfectly to your document.

The cold mechanism is very similar and carries out a similar operation. In this case, however, the pressure exerted by the rollers is exploited which, in several passages, allow the plastic to adhere to the sheet.

In general, a hot laminator costs more than its cold counterpart. This depends on the fact that many of these models are generally more powerful and more in demand, mainly because they are considered more resistant and faster.

But only you can know what are your preferences and your needs. As already mentioned, there are machines that can process both options, but obviously, their cost is greater.


Functions of the laminator:

When you have chosen the size and the place where you are going to use it, the time has come to adapt the machine to the needs, that is, the functions that it will have. The first thing you should keep in mind is to check what kind of needs you want the laminator to cover (since there are models with many different functions that, for example, are used to cut paper or to fold corners).

The additional functions that the machine has will be ideal to make the lamination work easier and faster. There are different high-performance machines with innovative features, easy specification designs where they guarantee a better performance.

Sometimes they usually sell the laminators with additional products such as angle cutters, sheer roller, covers of different sizes and others to give a better use and serve you in your work. But you must take into account that these improvements are affordable to your needs and the offer.


What is your budget?

You have to discard too cheap options that do not provide any guarantees and also all those models that are high in prices and you will not be able to acquire.

Of course, the question of the budget will come sooner or later. As early as possible, to limit your research and save a lot of time. On this site, we have focused on a relatively limited price range. 

However, in the market, you will find many for all budgets! If you plan to use your laminator once or twice a year, it may not be worthwhile to spend hundreds of dollars on the laminator rolls

You can find products that offer excellent value for money. On the other hand, if you need to laminate everyday documents of all kinds, and you expect a sustainable result and quality, it’s better to stay away from entry-level products. 

There are products designed to withstand intensive use. Read the reviews, and test the machines when you get the chance. 

Once again, the market is full of products offering magnificent value for money. By spending a little time to find them, you will save money, and find products offering you sublime results!

Good to know: There are also manual laminating pouches that do not require any equipment.

Where can I buy the laminator?

Buying the ideal laminator for your purpose has become increasingly easier and cheaper. Of course, there are many small or large technology stores (Euronics, MediaWorld for example), but often the best place to buy the laminator is Amazon, the one we always recommend.

Not only is the offered delivery service superlative, but also the customer support is exceptional. As if it were not enough, Amazon often has the best price.

Maintenance tips for laminators

In order for your laminator to remain in good condition for a long time and to adequately fulfill its function, you must perform daily maintenance. To do this you must turn it on only when you are going to use it. You must also ensure not to leave it on, especially if its power is high.

Every time you use the laminator, inside the plastic remains melted materials. Therefore, you should clean it when you have finished your day of use. You have to manually remove these residues and clean the laminator correctly.

How to correctly use a laminator

It is normal that we do not all know how to use a laminator, but if you just bought one or you are about to buy a laminator, here is a step-by-step guide on using it:

It is normal that we do not all know how to use a laminator, but if you just bought one or you are about to buy a laminator, here is a step-by-step guide on using it:

  • Insert the plastic in the laminator. Note that in some laminating machines, it will be necessary to place two different plastics inside the laminator or sometimes only one. Read the manual of the laminator beforehand and you will not have problems to use it.

  • Turn on the laminator and wait a few minutes. The laminators need to be heated beforehand. The manual of the laminator that you have purchased will tell you exactly how many minutes you should wait before using it. If the light goes from red to green then it is ready to be used.

  • Place the document that will go to the laminator. You may have to push the paper a bit until it is positioned between the two rolls of plastic. Hence, the laminator will do a good job of holding the paper.

  • Press the button and start the plasticizing process in the machine. You will notice that the laminator is working correctly when the paper starts to enter the machine to start the plasticization.

  • Do not interrupt the machine when it is swallowing the paper to laminate it. You need to be patient and wait for the machine to take in the document completely.

  • In case you want to stop it, press the appropriate button on the laminator to interrupt the plasticizing process. The advisable thing to do so as not to jam the paper or the plastic in the laminator is not to stop the plasticizing process in half.

  • Use scissors to cut the plastic sheet or, in any case, you can use the guillotine that comes in the laminator or acquires one separately.

  • When you have finished working with the laminator, then it will be time to turn it off or it will overheat and could be damaged. Always remember that you should not turn off the machine which it is midway in the plasticizing process, as it could get stuck.

FAQs about laminators

Most frequent questions and answers

It is necessary to first introduce the welded side into the laminator. Some pockets have an arrow to indicate the direction of insertion and to avoid making mistakes. This arrow disappears when the pouch passes through the machine.

Indeed, the lamination pouch acts as a filter and will absorb some of the UV rays. This will help to mitigate the effects of the sun and delay them but not to avoid them.

This is possible but it is necessary to wait for the document to be plasticized and cooled. It is also important to leave a border around the document.

No, it’s impossible. The lamination is final.


As you will have understood, it is not enough simply to buy the first laminator that hits your gaze. To buy the best laminator, you will need to evaluate your needs and the type of tasks you will most frequently deploy it for.
Only in this way, will you be sure to buy a valid product that is really suitable for you, which you can take advantage of for a long time and with satisfaction!
We hope this article has been useful and we have helped you solve your doubts about the laminating machines.

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