5 Best Diamond Testers In 2019

01. Presidium Adamas

For the expert who will dish out some genuine money for top equipment, the Presidium Adamas is the best approach. It’s incredibly high cost is characteristic of its status as the head model from the best-known organization in the business. It is the thinnest and worlds only microprobe tip for testing the diamonds. It can test even the tiny gems very accurately. Adamas memory can log results of about 500 tests. It can also detect moissanite very reliably. Its dynamic display has micro-LED for distinct and clear results.

It comes with a USB port which can be used as an alternative power source.

02.PuriTest Kit

In case you’re a beginner looking for an economical and comprehensive solution, the PuriTest Kit is ideal for you. Yet, it’s not the most exact alternative out there, but it can serve a great deal in recognizing the fake diamond from the genuine one. This tester is highly handy with the dimensions of 6.5’’x1.5”, each unit of this kit is calibrated with hand and it guarantees accurate results. The kit includes a bottle of each 22k, 18k, 14k, 10k, jewelry testing solution, a 2×2 premium pro testing stone, 10x magnifying eye loupe, etc.

The exterior of scale is made up of highly durable ABS plastic and it features a TARE button through which you can make the readings to 0.

03. Presidium Diamond Mate-C

The Presidium Diamond Mate-C is a phenomenal choice for differentiating between cubic zirconia and the real deal. It doesn’t catch the moissanite, however, so it is best combined with a UV light test to ward against such false positives. The test results are instantly indicated with the help of LED light and continuous beeping sound. It also comes with rechargeable batteries for the convenience of its users.

It tests the diamond with the signature presidium retractable probe tip which makes sure regular pressure against the diamond during the test for more accurate results. It can test diamonds of size as small as 0.02ct.

04.Oris Terminator II

The Oris Terminator II is about a reasonable gadget that really tests for moissanite, saves at least 33% of the cost as compared with others and of very questionable quality. You’ll have to clean your stone very well preceding testing to create precise outcomes. It gives instant test results with the help of beep sounds and LED light. It can be operated only on 9-volt alkaline batteries. It includes a loose stone holder and a probe cover. This tester can also be used to test synthetic gemstone. This product is made up in the USA and comes with 2 years of warranty.

05. HDE High Accuracy

A model with numerous indistinguishable copycats littered over the web, the HDE High Accuracy is an extraordinarily modest gadget that challenges the expression “You get what you pay for.” It’ll give some strong utility, whenever utilized with care. This device gives a highly accurate and indicates instant results for genuine or fake diamond. It uses small or large switches for testing the diamonds and indicates results with the help of LED or audible beep sound. This device additionally comes with a battery source to provide more convenience. It is very compact in size with dimensions 162x42x22 mm.

If the diamond is not genuine, there will be no beeping sound and LED will also not glow.

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