Top 5 Breaker Bars of 2019

There are many breaker bar you will find online to purchase but this one is special from others as it does not waste your energy at all, it has 24” extra long breaker bar which provides maximum torque which is quite impressive thing for any breaker bar. The another plus point about this breaker bar is that it is made up of high quality chrome vanadium steel which is able to handle all of the torque. Now even it has a lot of torque it won’t damage lug nuts and it is extremely safe even with a lot of torque.

This is one of the fastest breaker bar which is more smarter than others out there, it is made up of chrome vanadium body with chrome moly head which makes it the strongest breaker bar. After that the big question is that how reliable this breaker bar is then do not worry about it as it comes with lifetime warranty which is a brilliant step. Another plus point about this breaker bar is that it is 12” long which is an amazing thing for a breaker bar and it also has spring loaded ball bearing.

The TEKTON breaker bar is known by its amazing quality and material. It is a ½ inch drive by 24 inch breaker bar. It is also one of the strongest breaker bar and it is made for extreme challenges like it can break loose frozen bolts and stuck nuts without making any problem. With a 180-degree flex head you can choose the best angle to reach around obstructions, work in very tight spaces or you can generate maximum leverage and it also has an amazing quality of round handle.

The one of the most famous crescent company presents the ½” drive flex handle breaker bar which has an amazing thing for a breaker bar and the tool meets ANSI and ASME specifications and it come with a full satisfaction guarantee which is amazing. The company crescent is providing quality tools since 1907. It has amazing features like it has chrome vanadium alloy steel to provide maximum strength and the nickel chrome is plated for some lasting protection. As it is a quality product of crescent company so you do not have to worry about features.

The craftsman breaker which has 18” flex handle is the type of a socket wrench you need for bolts and stubborn nuts. Its amazing 18” flex handle make it easier to reach fasteners at odd angles and loosen bolts and nuts that are stuck. It is also the stronger breaker bar so you do not have to worry about its power it is extremely powerful and also reliable. If you are searching for a breaker bar which is stronger, powerful and reliable at the very same time then this craftsman breaker bar is for you as it has all such features.

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