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We all know that this COVID situation has put us in a pretty stuck up position for a long time. But life has to move on, and so do we. While we are still recovering the impact, you can enjoy the movies on your watchlist to freshen up your mind! And if you are an action movie lover like me, grab your seat because today you are in for a fun ride. In this video,we are going to talk about 9 best action movies on amazon prime! Before we get started, please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe, and thank you for watching.

9. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

I’m sure most of you have already watched this movie. Captain America: The First Avenger first came out in the year 2011 with a loud bang. The story is about how Steve Rogers, a soldier with weak physique transformed and set out to  become the first avenger. This is hands down one of the best movies of marvel universe! And the only superhero movie that has successfully made into this list.

You don’t have to watch other avenger movies to enjoy this one. Even if you don’t like superhero movies, you might well give it a chance because of its well-written story and the awesome action scenes.

8. Patriot Games (1992)

This movie is about an ex CIA agent Jack Ryan who has to save his wife and family from the terrorist group. The story was adapted from the best seller novel by Tom Clancy. Being a film of the ’90s this was well made I must say. The action, story, and the cast were perfect. Jack Ryan was supposed to be played by Alec Baldwin, but later he opted out.

But, there is no loss. You can feel that Harrison Ford didn’t just act, but also had lived the character of Jack Ryan. A classic vintage action movie of all time!

7. James Bond Movies (1962 – present)

The iconic James Bond had to be enlisted because yes, it is one of the best action movie series ever! I mean look at the cars, guns, and gadgets Bond uses! Not to mention his bold and tough attitude. The next installment of this series is scheduled to be released in November 2020. Yes, you heard it right!

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, this series has 24 movies with different characters playing the spy character. While my personal favorite is Pierce Brosnan, I really like the other movies of this series. Comment below and let us know which one is your favorite James Bond actor or movie.

6. Top Gun (1985)

Okay, the 6th action movie on this list is Top gun Starring Tom Cruise and Kelly Mcgills, which was released in 1986. It became a huge commercial success at that time and one of the landmarks of Tom Cruise’s movie career. The story told us about a fighter pilot Maverick and what happens after he joins the elite Top Gun Naval Flying school.

Apart from the praiseworthy acting, the action scenes, stunts, sound effects, were top notch. The soundtrack ‘Take my breath away’ by Berlin won the academy award that year! Totally unexpected from an action movie, right? The budget of this movie was only US$ 15 million, while the box office collection was US$ 365 million! This movie also increased Ray Ban’s aviator sunglasses sales. All thanks to that posh and stylish look of Tom Cruise!

The good news is, Tom Cruise is again returning as Maverick in the sequel along with a new casting. While the Top Gun has set a standard for action movies in the past, I am curious about how it’s going to be played in this 21st century.

5. Overlord (2018)

On the 5th number of this list is a movie named ‘overlord’. The cast is not very well known, but their performances along with the storyline is pretty good. This is a fusion of action, sci-fi, and horror. The plot revolves around some American soldiers who were dropped behind enemy lines before D-Day during world war two. What did they discover? Did they survive?  Well, you have to watch it first to know it!

Due to the massive violent scenes of the movie, Paramount pictures made an edited MA15+ version of this movie. But later they released the original 18+ rated movie in the cinemas.

4. Escape from New York:

This sci-fi action movie was one of the most hyped movies of 1981. This cult classic depicts the story of a lifetime prison, where once you get in, getting out is next to impossible. When the U.S. president ended up in prison by conspiracy, a former war hero but now convicted named Snake Plissken was selected to do the impossible, rescue the president!

No one can forget that menacing look of Plissken with that iconic eyepatch. But that patch wasn’t actually in the original script. Kurt Russel suggested this and the director immediately liked the idea. Talk about improvising! There was another installment named ‘Escape from L.A’, but the first one is the best one for sure!

3. Mission Impossible- Fallout (2018)

Another Tom Cruise Movie! Ethan Hunt with his team is back for yet another exciting mission. and, this time they have to save everyone from nuclear attacks, that too within a short time! This is the sixth installment from the MI franchise and it doesn’t disappoint! In fact, it has been marked as one of the best action movies so far! This movie grossed a total of $794, making it the highest-grossing movie of MI franchise. Not at all surprising, because the stunt, action scenes, actors were pretty amazing. Tom Cruise performed all his stunts. He even practiced a year to perform that HALO scene in this movie. He sure is a dedicated actor!

2. The man from Nowhere(2010)

After parasites won the Oscar, many people have started to notice how great South Korean movies are. The man from nowhere starring Won Bin, which released in 2010 is one of the best revenge action movies of all time. The movie tells about a simple and quiet Tae Shik’s violent past as he tries to rescue a little girl from local gangsters.

Story-wise it’s pretty predictable, but the brutal action and emotional scenes are enough to hook you to the screen. This movie is also the last on-screen appearance of Won Bin, he hadn’t taken any role since 2010.

1.Platoon (1986):

Here comes the number one movie on this list. Platoon, a war movie that was released in 1986 and still counted as one of the best war movies to date. This movie shows the lives of an American soldier platoon in the Vietnam jungle, their battle with the enemy, and within the troop. Oliver Stone’s direction and screenplay combined with a stellar cast like William Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Johnny Depp have created a masterpiece war movie.

This movie won four academy awards including the best picture. It also won 2 Bafta awards, 3 golden globe awards, etc. that year! No wonder it deserved every one  of those!

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