Our Goal

Pickbe.net  is your go to website for all product related reviews. We cover every single imaginable product, from new tech-savvy products to simple things like a mattress or a toaster. The goal of pickbe.net is simple – To give you (the reader) an unbiased opinion on the latest products so that you can make a smart decision on your next purchase. 

Who Are We

Being a review site our affiliations with any companies is very important, that is how pickbe earns its revenue. We guarantee you that every review is an honest review and is our honest opinion. We are associate amazon affiliate-program and that gives us a unique opportunity to access a wide range of new products. Pickbe is well known as a place where new things are always being invented. That is an additional bonus as we can give you a hands on look at new products.

Why us?

As a skeptical reader looking for honest reviews you have every right to be wondering why you should trust our review over another website’s review. It’s simple – In today’s world, anybody can create a website and stay anonymous. However that is not how we do things here at pickbe. Above all else we want to give an unbiased review on every product we meet and that separates us from other websites which is why we believe you should choose us.

How do we operate?

pickbe.net operates like most review websites, we have a dedicated review team which is always on the lookout for new exciting products. They do whatever it takes to get the product and then submit reviews to our website. After that we have a dedicated team of writers who go over to make sure every review is high quality. And finally working in the background are a team of web developers that make our website a pleasant experience to navigate and make sure you never encounter any server issues.


Pickbe.net was founded in 2018 by Shahid J. entrepreneur that saw a need for an honest review site. He was sick of being disappointed by other review sites and decided if he wasn’t going to create a reliable website, nobody was. Shahid J.  armed with a drive to change the online reviewing industry and a will to never fall on quality assembled a team of great writers, reviewers and website developers to create pickbe.net. And that is how pickbe.net was born. 

Our Guarantee

pickbe.net guarantees that, above all else you will receive an accurate review that will help you make a smart decision about whether you should buy that new product or not. 

We also guarantee that you will have a pleasant experience navigating our website which is always full of reviews. If we ever fall on that guarantee please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting the “Contact Us” page. 

Smart Purchase

What do we mean by smart purchase? – We mean giving you all the information possible, ranging from price and quality to foreseeable nuances you may encounter. This is in order to help you make a decision whether to buy a product that will leave you satisfied. A smart purchase is the best way you can make informed purchases on products that will actually meet your needs and leave you satisfied while also making your life easier by ensuring you don’t buy products that you don’t need or products that are low in quality or full of lies.

What do we offer?

Pickbe offers reviews that focus on both the large aspects of a product but also the small details other review sites may miss. This means we give you information about where we acquired the product, what we truly think about the product, why we think you should or shouldn’t get the product and much more. Website.com offers everything you could ever want from a review site all at your fingertips. We don’t think anyone will ever be disappointed in the vast array of information that pickbe.net provides.

Where we get our products

In order to fulfill our promise of an unbiased review we must ensure there is no way companies can influence our review. That is why we always buy the products we review and it means you can be rest assured that our review is an honest review.