20 Best Romantic Movies of All Time

Searching for a good romance movie for your date night? No worries cause today we will present to you some of the best romantic movies of all time!

20.A Walk in the Clouds

If you want to watch a simple love story with a touch of drama, we recommend you to watch ‘A walk in the clouds’. In this romance drama movie, Keanu Reeves plays a soldier of World War II. He met a pregnant woman and agreed to act as her husband to save her honor. While the story may not seem like a unique one, it certainly is a charming one! This was a commercially successful one earning twice its budget.

19.Mountain Between us

Our next entry, ‘Mountain Between Us’ isn’t your typical meet and fall-in-love story. It depicts two passengers getting estranged in a mountain after their plane crashed. While they had to survive together in the snow-covered mountains, their feelings for each other kept growing as well. Kate Winslet and Idris Alba delivered an engaging performance. You get to enjoy the adventure with a touch of romance! Most of this movie was shot in very cold weather in Canada, talk about the dedication!

18.Pretty Woman

Edward hires an escort Vivian to accompany him on a few occasions. What started as a simple encounter, turns into a complicated one as he starts to fall for Vivian. It was the third highest-grossing movie in the 1990s, selling the highest number of tickets for a romantic comedy. While Richard Gere and Julia Roberts’s acting was praised, this movie established Roberts as the Hollywood star. Hats off to her for taking up this role as it was a controversial one. And she won the Bafta and Oscar both for best actress that year!

17.Dirty Dancing

Want to watch a summer love with some moves and grooves? ‘Dirty Dancing’ has it all! When Frances was enjoying a family vacation at a Catskill resort, she met a charismatic dance instructor Johnny Castle who introduced her to a new world of dancing. To add more to the appeal, this movie has some of the most beautiful and iconic dance scenes of all time! Breathtaking music is another strong point of this movie, for which it won an oscar for the best original song. This was also the first film to sell over millions of home video copies that year!

16. Shakespeare in Love

Have you ever wondered where Shakespeare got the inspiration for writing ‘Romeo and Juliet’? Though fictional, in ‘Shakespeare in love’ we get to see the romantic side of Shakespeare and how he falls in love! This rom-com movie had a stellar cast of Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, Judy Dench, Colin Firth, and many more! But what makes it more appealing is the fantastic screenplay, the perfect blending of the historical figures, and references from different Shakespeare plays! Besides many accolades, it was widely praised by the critics and the audience. Winner of 7 academy awards that year, it is also the first comedy movie to receive an Oscar for the best picture category.

15.Notting hill

In ‘Notting Hill’, one day a famous actress Anna Scott walks into a bookshop, where she meets the owner, William. However, their chance encounter turned out to be an unforgettable one changing their lives forever. Besides several accolades and awards, this was the highest-grossing British movie of 1999 as well. Moreover, the soundtracks of this movie are just outstanding. This is the perfect combination of drama and comedy without overwhelming each other in the process. You get romance, comedy, and drama altogether served in one silver platter! The terrific casting of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant is another key ingredient for this movie’s wide success.

14.Love Rosie

The next entry is ‘Love Rosie’ which tells us about two childhood friends and their journey throughout. What happens when two best friends can not accept the fact that they are each other’s soulmates? Before understanding what their actual feelings are, Rosie and Alex have to go through a different route to find each other once again. This movie is kinda predictable from the start, but you get engrossed with the bright visuals and emotional performance. Sam Claflin and Lily Collins made a good pair in this one. While the movie got mixed reviews and wasn’t very successful commercially, you will enjoy the storytelling and the acting of the leads.

13.Me Before You

This movie of 2016 tells us about Lou and Will, two people who met each other under a unique circumstance. While the story is pretty heart wrenching, this drama movie will keep you glued to the screen throughout its runtime. Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin as the main leads were pretty convincing, and their chemistry was rock solid! Aside from good acting and emotional scenes, several historical places were also used to shoot the movie. But keep yourself ready with some tissues, because you will need them for sure!

12.A Walk to Remember

A walk to remember is another classic tale of a heart-wrenching love story, which has an evergreen appeal to date. This one is also adapted from a popular novel by Nicholas Sparks, telling us about how the bad boy Landon falls in love with a simple girl Jemie. But as unfortunate they can be, Jemie has only a few months to live. Surprisingly, this movie took only 39 days to complete the whole shoot! As for the emotional acting, Mandy Moore and Shane Waste did a great job as the leads.

11.Breakfast at tiffany’s

Well, who can forget about the iconic role of Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn in this movie? Hepburn nailed as the beautiful socialite who meets a struggling writer and falls in love. Her iconic fashion styles, accessories are still considered one of the bests of film history. It won two Oscars for best screenplay and best original score that year. Did you know, the role of Holly was written keeping Marilyn Monroe in mind. However, she didn’t agree to play it and Audrey Hepburn was cast instead.

10.When Harry met Sally

If you want to watch a lighthearted romantic movie with a comedy touch, this is what you should watch! This one is about Harry and Sally and their several unintentional encounters over a span of time. And will they become just friends or they can be more than just friends? The chemistry between Meg Rayan and Billy Crystal is a treat for your eyes! With several punch lines and famous scenes, this movie is considered one of the hundred funniest movies in American Cinema History as well.

9.Sense and sensibility

Well, another movie based on Jane Austen’s novel and we certainly don’t mind! When their father died, three sisters had to deal with poverty along with heartaches. The casting includes Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, and Alan Rickman. Emma Thompson was also the screenplay writer for the movie, and she won Academy Awards for both best actress and best screenplay category! From music to costume designs, everything was top notch and portrayed the 18th century perfectly. No wonder, this movie is known to be one of the best adaptations of Austen’s story.

8.Silver linings playbook

‘Silver Linings Playbook’ is the story of Pat and Tiffany, both of whom are suffering from mental health issues from their respective marital life. With an interesting storyline, this rom-com has a stellar cast of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Julia Styles, etc. and all of them did a phenomenal job! However, the best part of this rom-com was the family bonding of Pat and how they supported him till the end. It won several awards and nominations with Jennifer Lawrence winning the Academy Award for best actress. She is the second youngest actress to achieve that! Following this film, more movies were released featuring bipolar disorder and the struggle that comes with it.

7.Fault in our stars

When two terminally ill people meet each other, they pull each other from their personal purgatory while falling in love with each other. While ‘Fault in our stars’ is not your happily ever after kind of movie, it will give you hope regardless of the ending. This movie is fun and sad at the same time. Shailen Woodley and Ensel Egort have portrayed their character of Hazel and Gus so beautifully that it will stay in your mind for a long time.

6. The Notebook

This is the story of Allie and Noah, two star-crossed lovers who fall in love just to get separated by cruel fate. Based on the famous novel by Nicholas Sparks, this movie has Rayan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the main leads. While the lead’s chemistry is off the chart, they actually didn’t like each other at the beginning. However, they worked out and delivered a quality performance, earning Gosling widespread recognition for his terrific acting skills. This cult classic movie is famous for its beautiful portrayal of emotional scenes.

5. Atonement

What we see doesn’t always necessarily mean is the truth. Sometimes your eyes can play games with your mind. When Briony blames her sister’s lover Robbie for a crime that he didn’t commit, all of them had to face the cruel consequences for the rest of their life. This movie is the perfect example of how rash judgment can ruin people’s lives. With various nominations, it won an Oscar for best original score. Crafted with strong performances and brilliant cinematography, you are definitely going to like this masterpiece

4. Pride and prejudice

Jane Austen’s ‘pride and prejudice’ is one of the most loved classical literature of history. To make that equally good onscreen can be stressful for obvious reasons, which the 2005 movie adaptation managed to achieve pretty well. This movie tells us about 5 Bennet sisters from the 18th century, their family, and their love life. While they follow certain etiquette to blend with society, one of the bennet sisters is rebellious and wants to live her life on her terms. Starring Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen as the lead, this movie gave a new outlook to heritage films through its aesthetic view and drama costumes.


When it comes to romantic movies, there is nothing that can beat Titanic. A classic love story linked to a shipwreck, there is something extremely poetic about it, don’t you think? A posh girl falling in love with a poorboy on one of the most expensive cruises, which is heading towards an ill fate. Nominated for 14 academy awards, it bagged 11 of them making it the only movie for winning most Oscars. Released in 1997, Titanic earned ten times more than its $200 million budget. To add more, the world got two gifted actors, Kate Winslet and Leonardo Decaprio as Rose and Jake, the most iconic love characters of all time!

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What if we erase our memories of someone, will we be able to get that person out of our mind and heart completely? Eternal sunshine of the spotless minds is the bizarre yet wonderful movie closely following this storyline but on a deeper level. Starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as the leads, you are bound to get confused and mesmerized by this sci-fi romance movie. Since 2004, it has been regarded as one of the best movies of the early 21st century.


If you are up for a classic Hollywood romance movie, this is your cue! Casablanca, being the oldest movie on this list also is marked as having the most iconic couple of all time. This movie was based on WWII, where Rick, a nightclub owner agrees to help his ex-lover Ilsa and her husband to escape from the Nazis. This timeless movie is the true depiction of the classic Hollywood style movie for its unique narrative structure, lighting, camerawork, editing, etc. Along with several accolades, it won three Academy Awards including the best picture that year.

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